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Design a personalized 1-to-1 marketing campaign with Print Three North York

At the Print Three location in North York, we offer our customers access to our one to one marketing marketplace. One to one marketing, also known as variable data marketing, is offered by select Print Three locations and offers you a unique opportunity to create custom printing pieces, such as direct response marketing pieces.

With variable data marketing, you are able to access our vast database and select print templates to customize your own custom printing items such as individual calendars, postcards, greeting and thank-you cards, or any other personalized printing pieces.

To create uniquely personal direct response marketing pieces, you can upload your company logo and write your own messages on each piece. You also have the ability to embed names and other personal information into each individual piece in the print run, so each one speaks directly to your client. This is a great way to make a lasting impression. Direct marketing items created using one to one marketing techniques have proven to increase response rates dramatically. Your customers will appreciate the added personal touch created with variable data marketing.

If you’re interested in developing unique 1-to-1 marketing pieces, visit Print Three’s convenient 1-to-1 marketplace.

Call Print Three North York at (416) 494-1522 to discuss how your brand could benefit from implementing variable data marketing.

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